This is a high-intensity, strength training class, which utilizes body weight movements and equipment to give you a total body workout.

Join in on the fun with improvised dances targeting your core. Learn how to isolate those specific muscles needed to move your torso and strengthen your body at the same time.

Step aerobics with boot camp style drills, utilizing dumbbells, body bars and intervals that are sure to make you sweat and get ripped results.

Cardio/Resistance Conditioning: An athletic approach to a total body workout program with multiple sports conditioning and fitness techniques which provide lasting strength and energy as well as a unique platform for achieving weight loss goals and lean body mass.

Burn fat and sweat away the pounds with high intensity training, using bodyweight and free weight resistance exercises

Strengthen and tone your core and glutes through a variety of resistance training exercises designed to target the areas which support your lower back and provide the foundation for your body.

This is a fast paced total body workout, which includes intense movements that’ll leave you wanting more.

Club Fitness NY is a Licensed Mad Dogg® SPIN® facility. We house the official Star Trac NXT SPINNER® Bicycles.  Our instructors are Mad Dogg®/Johhny G® certified .

Dance: All group fitness classes that have the word “Dance” in it will incorporate dance moves within the routine. Great for burning off those calories an increasing your coordination and balance.

Boxing Aerobics: This is a fun class that incorporates boxing movements into an aerobic routine! Burn calories and increase your cardiovascular fitness level while you train for coordination and agility through boxing techniques.

Total Conditioning: This class offers a total body workout consisting of cardiovascular intervals, strength training, core work and flexibility. Every muscle is worked and you may find muscles you didn’t know you had! Be prepared to move, sweat, balance, learn and laugh.

Zumba Class: Zumba is a Latin inspired dance/fitness program. The word Zumba is derived from a Columbian word meaning to move fast and have fun. Combining steps like Salsa, Cha-cha, Meringue a high energy fusion of Latin and International music, Zumba is a unique and effective program that everyone can do.

Pilates Class:Pilates is group of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates that are designed to strengthen and tone your muscles through core body training.

Capoeira (Portuguese pronunciation: [kapuˈejɾɐ]) is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance. It was created in Brazil by African slaves by mixing the many fighting styles from many of their tribes, sometime after the sixteenth century.

Traditional boxing techniques with a professional boxing trainer, train as the professionals do without the ring.

BODY SCULPTING - BODYBUILDING: This class will condition your muscular strength and endurance. Body sculpting is a total body workout with a method of instructor’s choice of weights/resistance equipment.


At Club Fitness NY you can find 3 different kinds of yoga:

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