3 Tips for Dating & Fitness

datingfitnessmainLet's say that you’re out and about doing errands and you suddenly see a girl or a boy, that catches your eye. You decide to take action there because those clips you’ve seen on “pick up” and mystery’s pick up technique tells you that you have 3 seconds to make a move or you end up hesitating. Amazingly she/he’s giving you all the “IOI’s” and “kino” and you end up number closing her/him.

Boom! Nice….

If you aren’t so bold the scenario could end up like this…You’ve succumb to one of the thousand adverts for various dating websites and you’ve set up an online dating profile. You eventually find a good match and you’ve scheduled a date/time and place.

Great Job!

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Training after middle age

older1Many women are turned off from training as they have the wrong impression that lifting weights or any kind of gym activity is something men want to do to build muscles. How your body adapts to working with weights is determined by your genetics.

For women there are numerous benefits for doing resistance training and I promise you won’t end up looking like Arnie! Resistance training is good for anyone of any age or ability. It offers the benefits of gaining strength, improved co-ordination, better posture, a serious kick to the metabolism and heaps of self confidence. Heart problems, fat and a series of other conditions may become better by time and self-confidence can be boost as never before.

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Legs Exercise Tuck and Hops


Stand on a padded surface (tumbling mat) with feet slightly less than shoulder width.

It is important to practice tuck jump on a safe surface and avoid any harms.Bend your knees and use your whole foot to generate power to jump and not just your toes. Jump as high as you can. While you are in the air, tuck your knees close to your chest. Don’t let your shoulders lean out beyond your knees because this may stress your lower back.Land on the same spot with knees slightly bent to reduce the impact to your knees.

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