Step aerobics with boot camp style drills, utilizing dumbbells, body bars and intervals that are sure to make you sweat and get ripped results.

Step aerobics is a choreographed routine of stepping up and down on a rectangular, square, or circular platform. 

What step aerobics does for you:

Gets your heart and lungs in shape and tones your tush. Step aerobics is a terrific cross-training activity for runners, cyclists, and walkers. 

The exhaustion factor: Depends on the choreography, the pace, and the height of your step. In general, the more complex the choreography and the higher your step, the tougher the workout. 

Areas It Targets:

Core: Yes. Your core muscles stabilize you as you're stepping. You'll also burn fat and get stronger abs.

Arms: Yes. Your lower body is the star of step aerobics, but you may also use your arms and do strength- training exercises with weights specifically for your arms.

Legs: Yes. Stepping up and down works your calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Glutes: Yes. All those step-ups strengthen and tone your buttocks.

Back: Yes. You'll use the muscles in your lower back with each step.

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