Anne Carpenter, Pure Health 

When Anne Carpenter first embraced holistic nutrition and health, her motivation was simple:  survival. 

Several years ago, Anne was doing computer-aided design work in the fashion industry when her father developed pancreatic cancer.  Her mother was also diagnosed as a diabetic.  Anne, desperate to help both of them maximize their health, immersed herself in the study of natural whole foods, fitness and health. 

 As she worked to help her parents, something else happened: she saw her own health transform as she applied everything she was learning to her own life.  A pre-diabetic herself, Anne began feeling more energetic and vibrant.  She looked better.  She was happier.  And healthier.   

Before she knew it, Anne recognized that holistic nutrition and health was her true passion.  She also recognized that she had a gift for sharing her passion with others. 

Today, Anne is an accomplished holistic health counselor – board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners – as well as a certified fitness instructor with a degree from Marymount College.  Her practice, Pure Health, offers a common-sense, compassionate approach to health management: no calorie-counting, no fat-gram counting, and no “bad foods.”  Every day, she helps clients of all ages and fitness levels to create plans tailored to their unique lifestyles.  

At Club Fitness NY, Anne is available for free health evaluations, group workshops and individual counseling.  

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