trainerjennatomskoCertified: American Academy of Personal Training

Specialty: Cross-Fit Training Programs

Jenna Tomsko has always loved working out, and she's thrilled that her career allows her to share that enthusiasm with others. From her days of doing Jane Fonda aerobics tapes along with her mother at age 5 to her newly discovered addiction to Cross Fit and Olympic weightlifting, she always finds a way to give even the most anti-gym client something to love about working out. After moving to New York in 2009 to pursue theater, Jenna attended the American Academy of Personal Training, and got her start training at Crunch. She's excited to bring her style of "integrated training" to Club Fitness NY, combining elements of power lifting, metabolic conditioning, kettle bell training, and traditional resistance training programs. She is dedicated to teaching functional movement and emphasizing strength, power, stamina, and fitness over achieving the perfect body weight or dress size (although it is always a welcome side effect!). She is also a certified kettle bell instructor, and specializes in pre- and post-natal fitness. She is currently pursuing a Cross -Fit certification, and will compete in the 2012 Cross Fit Games Sectional.

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