bobsimotasHello, my name is Bobby Simotas.

I was born and raised in Astoria, NY and have been in the fitness scene for as long as I can remember. From playing high school sports including: basketball, baseball and soccer to weight training from the early age of seven-teen. By involving myself in the gym scene from such a young age, I have specialized in different methods of training such as: Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Deduction of Body Fat Percentage, Therapeutic Exercises, Building Strength and even Rehabilitation Exercises for those who have just come off injuries, with all this I also carry more than 5 years of experience in a gym facility.  

I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have been a certified personal trainer for over 2 years now, working with all body types, genders and ages. Aside from working in the gym, I also work in a therapy office which allows me to expand my knowledge on the functions of the human body as well as new techniques and methods for improving range of motion and strengthening specific muscle groups.

My Philosophy on personal training is focused on two things; the uniqueness of each individual and the positive health and fitness improvements of the individuals total lifestyle. See, everyone is diverse. This is a very important factor in a personal trainer’s ability in getting their client’s to accomplish their optimal level of success. What works for one individual doesn’t mean it will work well for another.

Let me find out what works best for you!

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