lauraramosLaura is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and comes to us from Los Angeles, CA where she trained and taught classes with some of LA’s top celebrity trainers.

Having just moved to New York, and being a fluent Spanish speaker, she enjoys the cultural diversity of the city, reinforcing the fact that each and every body is different. Everyone requires a unique approach to achieve his or her specific goal. Having worked with all ages, body types, experience levels, Laura’s priority is to make everyone feel comfortable, whether it be in the gym by teaching you how to correctly utilize the tools laid for you at the facility, or to help you feel comfortable in your own body. Her goal as a trainer is to motivate, push, and guide you by focusing on fitness as a way of life and not just a means of attaining a number on the scale.

Her appreciation for athletics began just a few years ago when she started to take up running and racing, suddenly realizing the gratification you get when you push your body to a certain degree and accomplish a goal you set out to achieve. That is when she learned the old adage ‘mind over matter’ is nothing but true.

Laura loves to challenge you and keep things interesting, always pushing your body to its proper limits to get your desired results. Get the most out of your sessions with a high energy workout, practicing the newest moves while never doing the same workout twice. Help shed your fear of the weight room and resistance machines and explore new ways of enhancing your body while boosting your confidence at the same time.

She’ll make you want to come to the gym, not dread it- It should be fun, not a chore! It’s always a good time.

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