The Club offers a wide variety of group classes allowing you to experience a diverse spread of workout styles. Don’t get caught up in a mundane fitness routine! Incorporating group workouts into your program will keep you fired-up through social interaction and keep things fresh and fun! 

  1. POWER YOGA: This class is perfect for beginning students and for students wishing to practice at a moderate pace, as it combines movement, breath, and meditation to foster flexibility, relaxation, and self-awareness. This is a wonderful class to learn and experience principles for de-stressing your life and reviving your spirit! 
  2. VINYASA YOGA: This powerful flowing form of yoga is infused with breathing practices as well as the exploration of your own personal power with held postures, meditation and freedom of movement. Experience true liberation! 
  3. BODY SCULPTING: This class will condition your muscular strength and endurance. Body sculpting is a total body workout with a method of instructor’s choice of weights/resistance equipment. 
  4. TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING: This class offers a total body workout consisting of cardiovascular intervals, strength training, core work and flexibility. Every muscle is worked and you may find muscles you didn’t know you had! Be prepared to move, sweat, balance, learn and laugh. 
  5. BOXING AEROBICS: This is a fun class that incorporates boxing movements into an aerobic routine! Burn calories and increase your cardiovascular fitness level while you train for coordination and agility through boxing techniques. 
  6. BOXING:Traditional boxing techniques with a professional boxing trainer, train as the professionals do without the ring. 
  7. DANCE: All group fitness classes that have the word “Dance” in it will incorporate dance moves within the routine. Great for burning off those calories an increasing your coordination and balance. 
  8. PILATES: Pilates is group of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates that are designed to strengthen and tone your muscles through core body training. 
  9. PILATES REFORMER: This technique applies Pilates movements on the reformer. Spring-loaded resistance training will increase range of motion and flexibility, while building muscle strength without adding bulk. This technique is a full body workout, originating from the core 
  10. SPIN : If you love challenges and biking this is the class for you. Spinning has been around for years however seems to be the latest craze in the fitness world. Burn calories as you tone your legs through various levels of spinning on a stationary bike with uplifting music. A true challenging workout experience…
  11. ZUMBA: Zumba is a Latin inspired dance/fitness program. The word Zumba is derived from a Columbian word meaning to move fast and have fun. Combining steps like Salsa, Cha-cha, Meringue a high energy fusion of Latin and International music, Zumba is a unique and effective program that everyone can do. 
  12. SPIN FLEX: For those of you who want more than a spin class, spin-flex incorporates cardio training as well as a total body workout using resistance bands, free weights and body weight.
  13. BOOT CAMP:This is a fast paced total body workout, which includes intense movements that’ll leave you wanting more.
  14. ABS & BUTT: Strengthen and tone your core and glutes through a variety of resistance training exercises designed to target the areas which suppport your lower back and provide the foundation for your body.
  15. STEP-FORCE: Step aerobics with boot camp style drills, utilizing dumbbells, body bars and intervals that are sure to make you sweat and get ripped results.
  16. FAT BURN: Burn fat and sweat away the pounds with high intensity training, using bodyweight and free weight resistance exercises.
  17. BELLY DANCE: Join in on the fun with improvised dances targeting your core. Learn how to isolate those specific muscles needed to move your torso and strengthen your body at the same time.
  18. CARDIO/RESISTANCE CONDITIONING: An athletic approach to a total body workout program with multiple sports conditioning and fitness techniques which provide lasting strength and energy as well as a unique platform for achieving weight loss goals and lean body mass.
  19. CROSS-TRAINING: This is a high-intensity, strength training class, which utilizes body weight movements and equipment to give you a total body workout.

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