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Susanne Tiernan

Susanne Tiernan
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Susanne Tiernan

Personal Trainer

Although my activities have changed over the years, they were always in some form of fitness or athletics. From running marathons to Spartan Obstacle Course Races to weight training and still adding to that list.

But regardless of how active I was, I struggled from a very early age with weight gain. Starting as a teen and into adulthood, I spent many years going up and down in weight battling disordered body image and eating. After having my twins, I went from finishing a marathon to sitting on the couch for 4 years, 35 pounds heavier, and had lost all motivation to work out.

I personally understand how overwhelming it is and how it can affect your desire to start and stick to a new program. It feels impossible to reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. Especially as you get older and feel like It is impossible to change.
You just need to start, and from that point on it becomes part of your lifestyle.

My background in medicine and anatomy has fueled much of the passion I have for training. I love learning and observing how the body functions and responds to different challenges placed on it. I apply that obsession to training because interest affects your effort.
The best thing I’ve learned (and still learning) is to stop trying to perform or look like someone else and to see what my own body was able to transform into.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Women’s Coaching Specialist Certification GGS-1(specialization in pre/post-natal, wide variety of issues and conditions specific to women of all ages)
Certified Nutrition Coach NASM-CNC (currently enrolled)


University of Michigan, BFA: Biology and Anatomy, Fine Art
Johns Hopkin Medical School, MA: Specialization in Medical, Surgical, and Anatomical Illustration
Queens College, MSEd: Master of Science, Secondary Education