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Sandor "Sasha" Margittai

Sandor "Sasha" Margittai trainer
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Sandor "Sasha" Margittai

Personal Trainer

Sandor Margittai is a certified personal trainer, all natural drug free men’s physique competitor and fitness model. An athlete all his life, Sandor grew up as a gymnast and later ran track and played high school basketball. Later in 2010 he decided to re-locate to New York City as he wanted to fulfill his dream to build a fitness career in the United States. 

He has been helping people lose weight, gain quality muscle tone and shape at any age with his motivating advice, diets, healthy recipes, exercise tips, workout videos and more.
As a certified personal trainer, Sandor specializes in strength conditioning, proper stretching techniques, weight loss and nutrition. His mixes of proven training methods and creative new approaches make him a unique choice you won't regret. He is known for body transformations and his clients are the real life examples of his work.

Achievements & Awards

(most recent contests)

1st place at 2014 NPC New York Grand Prix Men's Physique
1st place and overall champion at 2014 NPC New England Championship


  • 8+ years of field expertise on professional personal training
  • 12+ years of experience on supplementation and nutrition
  • Men’s physique competitor
  • Contest prep coach
  • TRX, kettle bell, free weights, plyometrics, calisthenics specialist


Certified Personal Trainer – IFAA International Fitness and Aerobic Academy
International Red Cross CPR, First Aid Instructor, CPR/AED certified


Bachelors Degree – International Relations and Affairs – Hungary; Nyiregyhaza 2000-2004
Fitness Company – International School of Fitness and Recreation – Hungary; Budapest 2004-2005