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3 Tips for Dating & Fitness

datingfitnessmainLet's say that you’re out and about doing errands and you suddenly see a girl or a boy, that catches your eye. You decide to take action there because those clips you’ve seen on “pick up” and mystery’s pick up technique tells you that you have 3 seconds to make a move or you end up hesitating. Amazingly she/he’s giving you all the “IOI’s” and “kino” and you end up number closing her/him.

Boom! Nice….

If you aren’t so bold the scenario could end up like this…You’ve succumb to one of the thousand adverts for various dating websites and you’ve set up an online dating profile. You eventually find a good match and you’ve scheduled a date/time and place.

Great Job!

As time passes by you start thinking, what should I wear, do I need to buy more clothes? should you cut your beard a few days before so you have enough stubble but not too much! ?

More time passes by and you eventually calm your nerves and think about places to take your date.

Now assuming it’s Monday and you’ve set up a date for the weekend you have roughly 5-6 days to get ready.
Follow the steps below to find out what the key exercises are to impress your first date.

Dumbbell Incline chest press – 4×8 – (3 sec eccentric) incline chest press


According to EMG studies, researchers wanted to find out which exercise was the best at activating a muscle and as it happens the best exercise was the incline chest press.

To perform, raise the seat to an appropriate level, (raising it too high will cause the shoulders to work more than the pecs), aim for a 45 degree angle. Push the weight up explosively at full range and slowly lower the weight down for 3 secs.


Chin up – 4×5 – 5 sec eccentric

The chin up is an important part of any routine as it targets all your “show muscles” think biceps, back and rear deltoids (shoulders). The most important part of this exercise is the “dropping” phase, you want to be able to drop slow as 5 seconds. This forces your biceps and back muscles to contract to slow the movement down.

Strength coaches understand that to build muscle time under tension is an important factor to consider when designing a good “hypertrophy” programme.

datingfitnesschinupThe chin up is an incredibly challenging exercise and the truth is most people can’t perform this exercise without help. The next best thing is the modified body row, which is still a powerful exercise in its own right.

Inverted Bodyweight Row – 4×10-15

Make sure that you pull and retract your shoulders back rather than allow it to round forward.


There you have it, 3 exercises that will help you look great on your date, hopefully knowing that you’ve done all you can physically will also improve your confidence.

The moral is, it doesn’t matter how you look as long as you have confidence.

Have a great date!

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