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5 Ways for healthy work launch

over3Present day work environments and schedules are not usually very sympathetic or flexible towards those trying to follow a healthy lifestyle or on a diet. Shift work, overtime, deadlines, family responsibilities and commuting can all wreck your fitness regime if you let them. While some compromises may be necessary the secret is to stay in control of the situation as much as possible.

Here are few suggestions to help maintain your weight loss program while also keeping your job.

Control your eating environment. Don’t let others dictate your food choices and don’t be afraid to turn down offers of unhealthy snack foods or drinks at meetings or office parties. Don’t be intimidated by other people’s views on your dieting. If necessary, explain what you’re doing and why. Be positive and assertive. Choose who you hang out with. Try to find like-minded co-workers to help give support to your health regime.


Plan your meals in advance and do not forget to have breakfast. If you’re serious about your weight loss program as well as getting to work on time prepare your meals in advance the evening before so you don’t have to rush in the morning. A healthy breakfast boosts metabolism, burns fat and prevents muscle wastage as well as lessening any cravings for snacks between meals. If there are no healthy eating options available in or near your work place, pack a lunch box to take with you.

Protein is important to aid in the slower release of carbohydrates that otherwise would lead to an afternoon energy slump or craving crisis. A blend of different proteins spread over the day is a good alternative if you’re unable to get a solid mid-day meal.

Seven to eight hours sleep every night if necessary maybe a natural sedative such as valerian to help you relax.

Be prepared. Keep some healthy snack bars and protein powder on hand to prevent skipping meals if working late. Or pick up some cottage cheese and rice cakes before an evening shift.

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