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The Five Rules for a Muscled Body

From time to time, people are saying they find the perfect solution to "build" your body. But what about if you don't want to become a body-builder, but just get more fit and healthy? Let's see the 5 basic rules to fit your self up the easy way:

1.  Eat five times a day at 2-3 hour intervals. This keeps you saturated with the amino acids and glycogen from protein and carbohydrate sources that you need to push abnormal muscle growth. This also prevents muscle loss due to a bodily starvation reaction to heavy workouts.


2. Focus on compound movements such as squats and presses for maximum efficiency of effort and to work as many muscle groups as possible in fewer sets. This also gives you more recovery ability outside the gym.

3. Don’t over-train. Do no more than two days in a row and 30 all-out sets per workout. Overtraining reduces muscle weight and your system needs a break too. After 4-6 weeks of high intensity training take a full week off, or reduce your intensity for two weeks. This will promote new muscle growth.

4. Take a protein drink after every training session. Boosting insulin levels after an intense workout promotes protein synthesis and leads to faster muscle growth.

5. Finally, just stay cool. Avoid stress. This can drain energy which could be better used for muscle growth.

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