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Staying on a Diet

  Staying on a Diet

The most important part of any diet is being able to stay on it to achieve the desired results. By making the diet too extreme or limiting, it can become too difficult to follow.

Below are some tips for maintaining your diet:

Dieting practices to help you get started

  • Make smaller changes to your regular dietary pattern and ease into it.
  • Don’t make the diet too restrictive! Life is about balance and everything can be enjoyed in moderation. If you feel like you’re constantly compromising for your diet, it can become hard to follow.
  • Try and find healthy swap outs for the foods you would normally eat that are in line with your diet. For example, swap potato fries for sweet potato fries!
  • Don’t go hungry. Eating foods with healthy fats are going to help you feel fuller for longer.
  • Having healthy snacks available for when you do feel hungry.
  • Allow yourself to have break days, that allow you to enjoy the foods you love in moderation. If you’re having a day with friends or family, don’t feel guilty if you don’t stick to your diet.
  • Hydrate yourself with lots of water. Often when you are dehydrated, your body tricks itself into thinking it’s hungry.
  • Add more fiber to your diet.

By incorporating some of these practices into your diet, you will last longer and get much better longer-term and sustained results. Try and make your diet last for 6 weeks to start to see the true benefits.

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