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Nutrition & Metabolism

Nutrition & Metabolism

Staying slim, toned and vibrant for life is something we all want. And the key to getting it is to train your metabolism to perform at its best. Your metabolic system is not only responsible for burning fat and building lean tissue, it’s also involved in hormone function, recovery, sweat, sleep, regeneration.

So how do you get your best metabolism ever? Imagine you were trying to train a puppy. The most effective approach is to keep repeating the same messages, day in, day out. The best kind of information over and over until things click into place. 

Think of your metabolism like that puppy. You have to keep giving it the same message: ‘burn fat’.

Skipping meals is the wrong information; it says there’s a famine going on outside so you better store fat. Overeating is the wrong information; it says hey slow down for a minute and digest this huge heap of food. ‘Saving up’ your calories, ‘being good so you can be bad later’, juicing, fasting, and cleansing. They are all poor quality information for our bodies.

In this way, what we eat is not about the calories, and what we ate yesterday, and what plan we’re on. Every time you eat is an opportunity to send info to your metabolism.
You wouldn’t consider yourself a good puppy parent if you kept teaching it to do the wrong things; in the same way, you have to teach your body how to do things right.

So like you would with you puppy – be consistent. Show up every day and take kind actions. Don’t skimp to give up for overabundance. Forgive easily. And most importantly, show yourself some love. 

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