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Prevent gaining weight during the holidays

gainweightWhether it’s the Christmas/New Year period or a summer season break you can put on weight faster than you get a sun burn if you relax your dietary rules while having fun. Christmas and New Year is probably the worst time for dieters as it basically celebrates gluttony, but the rules are the same for any place or time when we may be tempted to over-indulge. So here are a few ways to stay in shape.

Drinking alcohol in moderation may be difficult if everyone around is being immoderate. Alcoholic beverages especially eggnog are high in calories and the carbohydrates in Guinness are 100% sugar which can result in an insulin rush.
Although drinking water while eating is not good for digestion, having a glass before a meal will suppress your appetite as well as help avoid dehydration.


A simple way to avoid overeating in social situations is to choose a smaller plate. A larger plate means you just fill it with more food.

Another trick to help control food intake is to separate the different food items on your plate into islands. The empty space between the islands means less food on the plate and less calories to consume.

gainweight2Keep a balance between protein and carbohydrates. White meat protein sources such as chicken, turkey and fish are healthier than red meat and should not exceed an approximate 4 oz serving size. Vegetables and rice, preferably brown, should make up the rest. Be aware of casseroles which typically are high in fats.

Desert is another dieters calorie minefield. Limit desert to items no bigger than your thumb or go for a fruit salad. But no going back for second servings. You don't need it.

Finally, even if you still feel hungry, wait 30 minutes before going back for more. That’s how long it takes your stomach to appreciate that you’ve really had enough. Be prepared all the time. It's that simple.

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