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A Tough Running Workout

A Tough Running Workout

I’ve been slacking on the running front recently, but in a bid to get back into shape I’ve enlisted the help of personal trainer and ultra runner extraordinaire. Her sessions are NEVER easy but she’s been doing a lot of training recently. This means she’s got even more nasty little running tricks up her sleeve. Last week, in 90 degree heat may I add, she made me do this workout.

I nearly puked on three occasions and had to go straight to bed afterwards. It’s great for improving your overall fitness, run speed and working on pacing. The lamp post adds a touch of agility training and means you have to slow down and speed up again – making things that bit trickier. It’s also a bit of a mental challenge, you don’t think you can do it but you can (although if you really can’t maybe start by lowering the number of repeats and adding more next time).

Try it and let us know how you get on.


What you need

A Tough Running Workout

A lamp post, bollard or tree. A stopwatch. A friend – if you can motivate yourself to do this on your own then you’re a much better person than I.

• From your starting point sprint to the lamp post round it and back (try and pick a distance that’s around 200 metres). Time yourself.

• How long did the first sprint take you? It took me 33 seconds so I’ve written this workout based on that time but obviously amend to suit you. I warn you now, you are going to repeat this 25 times and it will hurt.

• For the first 10 repeats try and complete each run under 40 seconds giving yourself 25 seconds rest after each repeat. (If the first sprint took you 20 seconds try and do them under 30, if it took you 40 try and do under 50 and so on. If you try and do them all at your original pace you’ll probably explode).

• After 10 repeats take two minutes rest. You will need it.

• Do five x repeats, only this time up your time limit to 45 seconds. Nope you’re not getting away with slacking here, reduce your rest time to 20 seconds.

• After five repeats take one minute’s rest. This is a good opportunity to find a bush and go for a vom.

• For your next set of five repeats complete them all under 40 seconds with 25 seconds rest.

• Have one minute’s rest. And maybe a little cry.

• There’s no such thing as a happy ending. Try and complete your final five repeats in under 35 seconds with 25 seconds rest between each.

• Collapse on floor broken and make sure you stretch well as my legs have been sore for days.

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