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A Tough Running Workout

A Tough Running Workout

I’ve been slacking on the running front recently, but in a bid to get back into shape I’ve enlisted the help of personal trainer and ultra runner extraordinaire. Her sessions are NEVER easy but she’s been doing a lot of training recently. This means she’s got even more nasty little running tricks up her sleeve. Last week, in 90 degree heat may I add, she made me do this workout.

I nearly puked on three occasions and had to go straight to bed afterwards. It’s great for improving your overall fitness, run speed and working on pacing. The lamp post adds a touch of agility training and means you have to slow down and speed up again – making things that bit trickier. It’s also a bit of a mental challenge, you don’t think you can do it but you can (although if you really can’t maybe start by lowering the number of repeats and adding more next time).

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