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How Honey Can Help Banish Dry Skin This Winter

How Honey Can Help Banish Dry Skin This Winter

Winter is harsh on skin specially if you live in the city. As the chill winds howl and snow falls down from the sky, every other part of your body gets covered – except for the face. Exposed to the elements, the face will often suffer from dry, irritated skin. With a number of creams on the market aimed at tackling such an ailment, it probably seems like no big deal if skin starts to crack a little. But, it can cause great discomfort, and can actually be prevented by using a simple little product you’re almost certain to have at home: Honey.

How Honey Works

One of the best skin care products is actually a natural skin care product. Used for centuries by those looking to eliminate problematic skin, honey has been a tried and trusted remedy throughout the ages. But recently it’s been forgotten about. Pushed to the back of the public’s mind by a sea of drug store products.

For those looking for organic skin care, something without toxins, honey is a wonder product. Rich in anti-oxidants, honey is great for every day skin care, as well as for slowing down the effects of aging. With potent moisturizing properties, not only will it give your skin all of the protection it needs this winter, but will actually help you your skin gain the type of glow you didn’t think was possible.

How to Use Honey As A Healer

As honey is an organic skin care solution, how you choose to use it is up to you. The most popular way of using honey to moisturize skin, kill harmful bacteria and cleanse pores is to use it as a facemask. A DIY facemask can be made using just raw honey. Simply apply the honey to your face in a circular motion, then leave it to sit there for 30 minutes. When time’s up, wash the honey off of your face gently using warm water.

How Honey Can Help Banish Dry Skin This Winter

Honey can also make a fabulous spot-treatment. Drug store pimple products can be excessively drying, which can only aggravate your skin during the winter time. As honey is a natural skin care alternative, you don’t have to worry about its dissonance with your body. Apply a small about to your breakouts using a cotton swab and leave there for over an hour.

What Types of Honey Work Best

Unfortunately, many types of honey are now tampered with to keep costs down for manufacturers. Different additives, flavorings and preservatives can also be added to a jar of honey, making it far less effective than it should be for skin care.

Look for raw honey, with nothing added to it, for the best results. This can be found at a health store or online. Manuka honey is a powerful organic skin care option for you, however tubs of Manuka honey can cost up to $40. If you do try Manuka honey, make sure to choose a jar with a rating of 4+.

The advantages of Manuka honey are vast, for skin and health. As a purified form of honey, it’s even more anti-bacterial than regular honey.

Give it a Try

With moisturizing creams from your local store costing tens of dollars and having negligible benefits, why not give something natural a try this winter time? Suitable for both men’s skin and women’s skin, sensitive skin and healthy skin, honey may be the next skin care product you find yourself sweet on.

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