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How to Motivate Yourself to Run

How to Motivate Yourself to Run

Let’s be honest, finding the motivation to run isn’t always easy. Even for the seasoned runners and athletes out there, there are plenty of days where the last thing you want to do is go for a run. Too busy, too tired, hot weather, cold weather, not feeling well, I’ll do it tomorrow – we’ve all been there with ways of talking ourselves out of a run. And while you’ll always regret not going for your run, you will almost never regret just getting out there and doing it. To help you on those days where you’re just not feeling it, here are some tips to motivate you to get out the door and get those miles in:

1. Schedule in your run
To avoid the excuse of being too busy, schedule in your run like you would an appointment. Lock a time in and block out that half an hour or however long you need, so that even if something does come up you have got it in your diary as a reminder. This will also help to avoid making the excuse of putting it off until tomorrow, as you will start to feel guilty if you miss your appointment!

2. Buy yourself a new pair of running shoes
There’s no better feeling than treating yourself with a fresh pair of shoes. You’ll be practically running out of the door in your new kicks. Look good, feel good, run fast – right?

3. Download a motivational playlist
Exercising is made better with music. When you aren’t really in the mood or feeling a bit sluggish, a good upbeat or motivational song blasting in your ears can change that and give you the energy you need to get moving. Investing in a Spotify or Apple music account are definitely worth it, giving you access to thousands of songs and playlists.

4. Reward yourself
Sometimes a little light at the end of the tunnel is all you need to get through something. Everyone rewards themselves in different ways, and it can be a great way to help you push through if you know you’ll be able to treat yourself at the end. It could be something as simple as treating yourself with a donut for dessert at the end of the week, or getting those new wireless headphones if you’ve been consistent with your running for the last month. Whatever it may be, you can at least give yourself a pat on the back because the best reward is that you’ve been good to your body, and yourself.

5. Run with a buddy
Training with a friend or in a group can make exercise a whole lot more fun. In addition, when you’ve committed to a run with other people, you’re more likely to train even when you’re not feeling it. You can also make a social activity out of it and combine your run with brunch or a coffee afterwards to help you really start looking forward to your workout.

6. Run somewhere new
Running the same track or route can get a little boring. It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do, so mixing up where you run can keep your workouts exciting and give you different experiences. Head down to some beach tracks, explore local walking and bike trails or go down to the park or botanical gardens, every city has their own unique routes to discover.

7. Track your runs
With smart watches being a big trend at the moment, brands like Garmin, Apple and FitBit are creating products that are great fitness trackers and motivators. Combine these with Apps like Strava and Nike Running Club and you have a world of information at your feet, including distance, time, average pace, heart rate and incline. Tracking your runs can be a great internal motivator, as you look to beat your best time or run further than before.

8. Enter into a fun run
Having an end goal like a fun run will help to keep you accountable and give you that added motivation to train and keep you on track. If you sign up and commit to the event in advance, you can then work back from the date and plan your training sessions accordingly. Not only will this help to motivate you to get out and run, but you’ll feel a great sense of achievement once you’ve smashed your goal.

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