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Medical checkups can save lives

testsaThe continuous advancement in medical tests has been a major contributing factor to the increased life expectancy of our generation (among with a better and healthier diet and of course fitness). With advancements in medical science, medical abnormalities can now be detected earlier and with greater accuracy. Picking up changes early is vital to ensure that you can treat the condition or changes appropriately. As a result, exercise physiologists are playing an increasing role in the treatment and prevention of many lifestyle diseases.

Whilst medical testing is a meticulous science, it does rely on each individual to request the appropriate tests from their GP. At various stages of your life, the tests that are suitable will change. The following graphic provides you with succinct summary of medical tests that are appropriate through your lifespan. If you haven't had a medical check up in the past year and you are over the age of 30, you know what to do! A medical check up could save your life!

 A Lifetime of Medical Checkups Infographic

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