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Personal Training and Fitness Analysis

healthtests1Before starting a personal training program you should take a fitness analysis which tests muscular strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility and body condition - and of course takes in great consideration your health problems if any.  The fitness analysis comprises the following.

Blood pressure check

It is important to test your blood pressure as high blood pressure increases your chances of strokes, coronary disease and kidney disease.

Body fat percentage check

Allows us to see what percentage of your body is made up of fat so we can get an understanding of how much muscle you have and how much fat we suggest you lose.

BMI test  Body mass index test

Estimates a healthy weight based on your height so you can get a rough idea of whether you are overweight and how overweight you are.

Waist to hip ratio

An effective test to assess whether you are at a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Sit and reach test for flexibility

Flexibility tests in your lower back and hamstrings, important to know as poor flexibility can seriously affect your posture and likelihood of injuries through working out.

helthtests2Peak expiratory flow test

Tests your maximum speed of expiration giving us an idea of your lung function.

Fitness test

VO2 max test to asses cardiovascular fitness providing a measurable figure that can be used to monitor your development.

Strength test 

predicted 1 rep max with the bench press and squat to asses whole body strength.

Metabolic assessment

Analysis of calorific requirements to help make adjustments to your diet whether your goal is to lose weight or gain mass.

As well as being tested, we will go through in detail your diet adjusting it for your goal as well as goal setting short term and long term a crucial part to achieving your goals.

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