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Training after middle age

older1Many women are turned off from training as they have the wrong impression that lifting weights or any kind of gym activity is something men want to do to build muscles. How your body adapts to working with weights is determined by your genetics.

For women there are numerous benefits for doing resistance training and I promise you won’t end up looking like Arnie! Resistance training is good for anyone of any age or ability. It offers the benefits of gaining strength, improved co-ordination, better posture, a serious kick to the metabolism and heaps of self confidence. Heart problems, fat and a series of other conditions may become better by time and self-confidence can be boost as never before.

older2The other key benefit for women is that resistance training can slow the onset of osteoporosis. The National Osteoporosis Society has found that 50% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50 will fracture a bone due to poor bone health. They recommend taking regular weight-bearing exercise that boosts bone mineral density and specifically weight-lifting where the tendons pull on the bones which in turn boosts strength.

Personal trainers are also familiar of how to train a middle or older age person. Everyone needs attention regarding the age or health problems.

Depending on your level of fitness only perform exercises that feel comfortable, if you are starting a new exercise program it is always worth seeking advice from a fitness professional and your physician. 

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