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Changes You Can Make to Your Lifestyle Today

Changes You Can Make to Your Lifestyle Today

If you’ve ever set a big goal, you know that your excitement and enthusiasm are high and you can’t wait to get started. But over time, motivation naturally starts to decrease and day-to-day life becomes a distraction. But that’s no reason not to set goals in the first place. You just have to change your strategy.

It’s the smaller, less exciting lifestyle changes that are more likely to lead you to long-term success. By focusing on the small steps, eventually those bigger goals will feel more achievable.

Not sure where to start? Here’s some inspiration with a list of ideas.

Create a daily routine

When you read about successful people, one thing that is often mentioned is a daily ritual. For example, Steve Jobs wore the same clothes to work every day – jeans and a black top. The less you need to think about simple day-to-day tasks, the better. Work towards developing a daily habit or ritual and eventually you'll be on ‘autopilot’ – you'll be doing without even thinking about it. For example, prepare breakfast the night before, consume two glasses of water before leaving the house or get a training session in at the same time every day. These appointments with yourself will soon become a non-negotiable.

Spend 5 Minutes

If you have a skill that you want to improve, work on that skill every day and you will start seeing change. You don’t have to spend very long – just five minutes every day, which – despite a busy schedule – is manageable for anyone. For example, if you’re wanting to improve your flexibility, spend 5 minutes stretching in the gym after a workout, or at home while you watch your favorite TV show.

Rest and Recover

It’s important to commit to quality recovery, and to not over exert yourself. Find something that works for you, such as a weekly yoga or Pilates class, or committing to sleeping a certain time each night. 

Stop the Afternoon Coffee

Caffeine affects different people in different ways but generally speaking, the closer to your bedtime you drink it, the more difficult it'll be to get a restful night’s sleep. Solution? Stick to your morning coffee, reduce caffeine intake in the afternoon and rest easy at night.

Find Ways to Move

We all know that sitting for long periods is detrimental to our health – so what’s the cure? Movement. Find ways to introduce movement in your day. In the office, use the toilet on the floor below or have an email-free day once per week and walk to your colleague’s desks. Stretch while you’re on the phone. Whatever your solution, commit to move more every day.

Bottom line? Keep it simple! Focus on small changes, one at a time, until they become a habit.

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