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Few Abs exercises you should know


Pallof Press

The pallof press is the excellent anti-rotational exercise that puts great demand on the trunk to stop it rotating in a transverse plane. To perform, assume an athletic posture with knees bent, pelvis and lumbar (lower) spine neutral, and shoulders relaxed.

As you push the cable in front of you, focus on engaging the core, stopping the rotation of your trunk. Keep it as rigid as possible, hold for 2-5secs and pull back into your center.
You can perform the Pallof Press in various stances, kneeling, split stance on floor or off and lastly parallel.


Split Stance Overhead Pallof

This version of the Pallof Press is slightly different as it works a different movement.
As your hands move vertical over your head, your body is forced to extend causing your core to brace. Before performing make sure you can keep your spine in a neutral position, be careful to NOT over extend your posture. Start with a lighter load and progress.

Parallel Stance Unilateral Cable Press

The Parallel Stance unilateral cable press targets your obliques. As your body is in a parallel stance the pull back of the cable retracting forces your core to brace. When pushing away your oblique again has to contract to enable rotation. Ideally be in a quarter squat or least bend the knees when performing this movement as you don’t want your hips to turn too much.


Lateral TRX hand walk into Push Up

This exercise is a little over the top. The ordinary side walk itself is quite a challenge as you’re trying to stabilise your trunk from arching and rotating.
This takes it one step further, be careful when attempting this exercise.

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