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Getting back in to the workout routine


Summer is pretty close to the end and when at the thought of exercising, you begin to potter around, clean the house and look for food (and discover there is none, so you buy some junk food).  Well, you need to stop, and ask yourself – WHY AM I AVOIDING IT?! If you’re anything like me, the answer may be, ‘I’ve had a bit of time off and I know I won’t be at the same standard I used to be, it’s going to be painfully depressing.’ Well, guess what sweetheart, procrastinating and procrastibaking aren’t going to help you and really, who cares if you’re not as good as last time?! Exercise should be about having fun, see it as a healthy challenge to reach those goals again.

Restarting your workout routine:

1. Change your way of thinking

Don’t let yourself think negatively about exercising – it’s only going to cement your existing behaviour. Again, see it as something enjoyable which is healthy too! If you don’t it will be difficult to create the habit. I see exercise as some ‘me time’, time that I can zone out and listen to music or even socialize with friends at the gym.


2. Just do it

You don’t have to be doing a long run straight away. Just put your sneakers on and take a step. Depending on your fitness level and motivation this first step may be a step for a walk; a step to run or a bit of both! Start by running a block or fast walk a block. Then increase the challenge to run 2 blocks, walk 1 block. The same principle applies whatever stage you’re at, start completing small goals and you will be amazed at how quickly your confidence will grow.

3. Commit to your workout –

Plan the times you’re going to exercise and stick to them. Sign up for a nice gym. Writing down my plan and putting it on the fridge or in my diary really helps me. Within a few weeks you will create a new habit and it will become a normalcy in your day.

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