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Vitamin D


Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin Your body produces vitamin D when you are directly exposed to sunlight. It is also a vitamin that you can get through certain foods and supplements to ensure that we have the correct levels in our blood.

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5 Important Rules for Great Shape

healthyyear1Everyone have seen the cut/bulk cycle that many people go through adding weight for the winter with the pipe dream of gaining some extra muscle and dieting the whole summer to reveal those abs…..Its not something you want to do you can look and feel great all year round by following a few rules!

- Don’t attempt to bulk!

Your body is very self regulating if you start lifting heavy weights and doing intense workouts your appetite will ramp up and so long as you stick to good wholesome food 80% of the time you will gain quality muscle and your strength in the gym will increase….
Take your time with gaining size if your getting stronger it means you are getting bigger, simply having trust in that will keep you progressing in the gym. Find new ways to challenge your body and trigger growth whether thats 100 rep body weight squats or a fully loaded leg press just keep your body guessing! You can’t force feed yourself into growth it will just leave you feeling bloated and chubby….

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5 Ways To Get Ready For The Summer

5healthfoodSummer is next to our door, and clean eating is a must, if you want to have a healthy body. Clean eating basically means to avoid pre-packaged and processed foods and return to basics – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains *(preferably organic) and lean protein from fish.

Let’s start with vegetables. Dark green veggies such as broccoli, spinach and kale are high in folates – a cardiovascular booster – and low in carbohydrates.

Tomatoes are high in vitamin C and can be mixed with fresh basil in a salad or eaten alone as a snack. Try adding some roasted garlic to the mix. Garlic is a strong anti-oxidant that boosts the immune system, increases blood flow and lowers cholesterol.

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Getting back in to the workout routine


Summer is pretty close to the end and when at the thought of exercising, you begin to potter around, clean the house and look for food (and discover there is none, so you buy some junk food).  Well, you need to stop, and ask yourself – WHY AM I AVOIDING IT?! If you’re anything like me, the answer may be, ‘I’ve had a bit of time off and I know I won’t be at the same standard I used to be, it’s going to be painfully depressing.’ Well, guess what sweetheart, procrastinating and procrastibaking aren’t going to help you and really, who cares if you’re not as good as last time?! Exercise should be about having fun, see it as a healthy challenge to reach those goals again.

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Summer sports and precautions


Everyone loves a day out on the water! The sun, the surf, food, drinks and friends… It all combines to create some fantastic memories. The water is so ingrained in many cultures that it’s quite common for people to spend days on the water – or even live on it (e.g. in a houseboat). If you’re new to the scene or just need a refresher, here’s a checklist of the things you’ll want to have on hand next time you hit the beach, ocean or lake.

1. Entertainment

What’s the point of going on the water if you can’t enjoy it? There are plenty of ways to have fun. Paragliding, jet skiing, surfing, and fishing all provide great thrills. If skimming through the water on a motored vehicle sounds like a dream come true, for example, be sure to pick up a top-notch jet ski from a store such as JSW Powersports before you head out.

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How To Stay Active When on Vacation


It doesn’t have to mean sweating it out in the gym, get outdoors and make the most of the weather.

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