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Legs Exercise Tuck and Hops


Stand on a padded surface (tumbling mat) with feet slightly less than shoulder width.

It is important to practice tuck jump on a safe surface and avoid any harms.Bend your knees and use your whole foot to generate power to jump and not just your toes. Jump as high as you can. While you are in the air, tuck your knees close to your chest. Don’t let your shoulders lean out beyond your knees because this may stress your lower back.Land on the same spot with knees slightly bent to reduce the impact to your knees.


This is an intense exercise. Start with few repetitions and build up your strength and stamina from there. Quality is more important than quantity.Wear a good pair of shoes which can absorb impact so that your lower back and knees will not be hurt.A good way to ensure you are jumping vertically and not going forward or backward is to ensure you land on the same spot you jumped from.You don’t have to hold your knees while you are at the highest position. Some pull the knees forcefully. So, don’t do it if you have the tendency to do so.You can do tuck jump on a trampoline as this will allow you to focus in the posture before you do it on the floor.


hopsStart in a standing position and raise one leg up so that thigh is parallel to the floor.

Next, jump as far as you can on the one leg. Beginners should switch legs after each jump, but more advanced athletes can complete one full set of 10 hops on one leg before switching. Again, complete three sets of 10 hops per leg.


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