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Meals after the gym

fruitsaOkay so you’re planning on going to the gym for a great workout but want to make it count and don’t know what to eat after a workout, right?

Why not try a delicious whey protein shake packed with carbs and nutritional goodness? What are the benefits of “shakes”?

After a workout your body is depleted of energy (glycogen) and your muscles are damaged. The goal of your post workout “meal” is to replace your glycogen stores and digest some protein to help repair your muscles. This should be done as soon as possible and as shakes are much faster to digest and prepare than whole foods they tend to be the preferred option.

But don’t carbs make me fat?

When you finish exercising your body has a “carbohydrate window of opportunity” that is open up to 60 minutes after your workout.

Here is how it works:

fruitsbWhen your body is depleted of energy, like following a workout, your muscles convert carbohydrate foods and beverages into stored energy (Glycogen). Your body will only convert Carbs into fat when your Glycogen stores are full. So after a workout you can eat almost all the carbs you want and not put on body fat!

So make post-workout protein shakes a part of your routine to increase you energy levels throughout the day and to assist in the repair and recovery stage of your muscles. What’s your success been in consuming protein shakes? Have you noticed a difference?

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