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Push ups workout tips

pushups1Push ups offer a great upper body workout, by using the body to work the deltoids, pectorals and triceps. However, this workout can put too much strain on your arm joints, especially those in the wrist. Modifications to your usual routine may help alleviate the pressure.

Ball press-up

Using a stability ball changes the position into a wrist-friendly, albeit more challenging exercise that targets the mid-chest area, triceps and abdominals. Hold your body horizontally with your toes on the floor over the ball. Hold the ball, grasping it to stop it wobbling. Your hands should be placed just under your shoulders. Bend your arms to at least 90° with each rep.


Knuckle press-up

By keeping your wrists straight throughout the work out you totally mitigate the wrist problem. Knuckle press-ups can be tricky and require some perseverance. Ball your hands into fists and place your knuckles on the floor with the back of your hands facing forwards.

pushups2Modified press-ups

By kneeling you decrease the weight on your wrists; be mindful of proper form: your body needs to be in a straight line from knee to shoulder during the whole work out. Your arms should be wide enough to allow for a 90° bend at each rep. Tighten and pull in your abs to look after your back.

Tips for persevering with traditional press-ups

  • Fingers should point forward
  • Hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width to allow for 90° bend
  • Incorporate rests between sets
Muscle stretching
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