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Why You Should Use a Treadmill


 As the days get shorter, the evenings get darker, and the weather gets chillier, heading outside for a jog isn't quite so appealing, is it?! 

1. You're in complete control

To a huge degree using a treadmill is a controlled environment as you've got the power to increase and decrease the speed at any point, plus change the degree of incline to simulate running on a flat or hilly terrain.

2. The perfect road to recovery
If you're recovering from an injury the treadmill is your best friend. Thanks to its safe, even surface and the ability to partially bear weight on your lower body, it's the perfect rehabilitation remedy.

3. Track your progress
Simply use the treadmill monitor to record your workouts and you'll get vital feedback that can motivate you to continue. Seeing gradual improvements in your speed, time, distance, and heart rate can be very rewarding.

4. Try something new
Treadmills aren't all about running on a flat surface at a steady pace. Check out the pre-set programmes and you'll discover a variety of training runs designed to push you further and motivate you to continue.

5. Stay safe
The gym is a safe environment, bright when it's dark outside, warm no matter what the weather, and you're always surrounded by like-minded, fit people. 

6. Test yourself
A great function of the treadmill is that you can programme the treadmill to measure your fitness, giving you a clear understanding of how you're improving as you put in the miles.

7. Mix it up
If you're coming in to use the treadmill, why not mix your workout up a bit using other pieces of kit in the gym. Not only will it give your workout more variety, it will help your body get stronger as it adapts to new stresses.

8. Train for an event
If you're training for an event, whether it's a 5k, 10k or obstacle course, the treadmill gives you more specificity as you can set the distance, speed and terrain, allowing you to effectively replicate your upcoming event.

9. Heart Rate training
If your goal is body composition-based, training within certain heart rate zones will really help. For example, you can use the treadmill's built-in heart rate monitor to run in the fat burning zone.

10. Kinder on your joints
As a general rule, the softer the surface the kinder it is on your joints. That's why compared to pounding the pavements, running on a treadmill is far less stressful on your body thanks to the springy, cushioning-effect of the surface.

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