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Healthy Snack Suggestions


When choosing a nutritious snack to tide you over, remember three things you need: Protein + Fat + Fiber and here's why. 

1. Protein
By helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels, a protein-rich snack can help keep you fuller for longer, so you’re less likely to have a dip in energy 20 minutes after eating - like you would with a chocolate cookie. Nuts and seeds are an easy, healthy and portable protein option.

2. Fat
Fat keeps you full in two ways:

It delays stomach emptying
Its well-rounded mouth feel lingers in the mouth long after eating, leaving you feeling satisfied.
Its richness also means a little bit goes a long way, so it’s hard to go overboard with it.

We're referring to good fats such as avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butter and coconut. When it comes to oils, olive, coconut or macadamia are all good choices.

3. Fiber
There’s only so many veggies or fruit you can eat in one sitting, and that's mostly due to their high fiber content. Fiber fills you up quickly, and because it’s found in plant-based foods like fruit and veg, which aren’t energy dense, you get full on fewer calories. Other good sources of fiber include nuts and seeds and whole or less refined grains, like brown rice and traditional rolled oats.

Fiber also encourages you to chew, a process that makes you aware that you’re eating, and gives your brain time to register that you’re getting full.

Tasty Snack Ideas that Give You Protein + Fat + Fiber

  • Date (fiber) stuffed with 1-2 tsp almond butter (protein, fat + fiber).
  • Apple (fiber) with a couple slices cheddar cheese (protein+ fat).
  • Asian-inspired trail mix made with a handful or two of almonds (protein, fat + fiber) and shredded roasted seaweed (fiber).
  • Sliced veggies  (fiber) with 1 Tbsp hummus or tahini (protein, fat + fiber).
  • Celery sticks (fiber) filled with a couple teaspoons natural peanut butter (protein, fat + fiber) and topped with a few goji berries (fiber).
  • Single serve unsweetened Greek or thick-strained yogurt (protein + fat) with a teaspoon of raw muesli (protein + fat + fiber).
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