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Protein in Nutrition


Often people think of protein as a means for “bulking up” at the gym – but in fact, protein is so much more.  Did you know that protein is a component of every single cell in your body, and is used to build and repair bones and tissue?
So it’s safe to say – sourcing adequate protein is pretty important!


When most of us think of protein, we often think of meat, right?

In fact, for years we have been told that animal protein is the only source of protein the body needs to truly survive and thrive. The overconsumption of meat, poultry and fish, as well as the deplorable conditions of factory farming, are just some of the reasons why many people have moved away from animal products as their primary source of protein.

Now – I am not personally meat-free. However, I am a huge supporter of ethically and sustainably sourcing meat, and enjoying it in a healthy moderation.
What we now know about protein is this: it can be adequately sourced outside of animal products, and in fact – sourcing protein from grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, and veggies, is sometimes better for you!

Large amounts of animal protein (think a huge chunk of steak) are often harder to break down and digest. Why? It moves through the digestive tract much slower than plant based proteins (meaning less energy), and is also more acidic (no thanks!).
My suggestion? Enjoy exploring additional ways to get your healthy dose of protein each day, in an easily digestible way – such as drinking it!
There are lots of protein powders on the market but often they contain added sugar and nasties. I like to either choose a rice, pea, hemp or whey protein. That is pure and contains minimal ingredients.

Plant based proteins are great was of getting extra protein into the diet and are wonderful if you are vegan. I like to use these but don’t rely my protein sole on them, you can get around this by adding chia seeds, hemp seeds and quinoa milk to boost your smoothie.

Whey is the most commonly known protein powder, and is widely used as it is a complete protein. Unlike plant based, it’s more easily digestible and really helps rebuild the muscles at a faster rate. I used whey in my Savse Protein Punch as I found it to be the best protein powder for people to digest and repair.
It’s now my favourite post workout refuel!

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