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Spring is here - Time to lose fat

over2After a really heavy winter in NYC, spring is coming and many of us - especially women- have been looking for different ways to lose weight. Recently I flipped a typical women magazine at my colleague’s desk, I saw advertisements selling magic cream, magic foods, uknown slimming pills and many other too good to be true weight loss products or services. Look as if those companies are never getting tired in coming out with new products which promise easy way to lose weight. Unfortunately, customers become the victim of many of these products but seldom they learn from it. Why? Because they too continue to look for easy fast and way to achieve the ideal weight.

There is only one secret to guarantee you to lose weight. This method has proved to be working well, whether it is in year 1968, 2008 or even 2048. Actually, instead of lose weight, you should lose fat to be exact. Weight can be fat, muscle and bones. What we need to get rid of is the body fat.


So, are you ready?

One sure way to lose body fat is to make your body in negative calories state. In layman terms, that way means two things:
Eat less than you need.Walk more. Exersice. Train. Run. Cycle. Spin. In short, start doing physical activities, especially cardiovascular exercise.

fatlossspinning1) Eating Less and Eating Clean

Diet control is critical in helping to lose weight. For example, if you have been eating four burgers and one large soda a day, two in lunch time and two for dinner for the past one year, assuming you now cut down four to two burgers in a day, you will definitely lose weight. Yes, I know, I use a bad example of eating four burgers a day. (I doubt anyone will be consuming such a big amount of burgers.) But, the key point here is to illustrate you can easily lose weight by cutting down your meal volume, especially junk food and processed food. Even if you do not do any additional exercise, just by reducing what go into your mouth, you have made a big step in slashing your body weight figure.

If you think eating less will make you hungry or tired, you can actually replace those junk food with more quality food. Eat clean. Eat more high fiber, low fat whole food, fruits and vegetables. Avoid chocolate, highly sweetened coffee drinks, fried chicken, supersized pizza and jumbo hot dog.

2) Exercise

If you want to see even better results, in addition to diet control, you should start exercising more. Join a good gym and start from something easy.Cycle. Spin. Yoga. Weights. Walk your dog. Wash your car. Mop the floor. Learn weight training. Hire a personal trainer.
When you burn more calories, even if you eat the same amount of food you will still see the fat loss result and usually way faster than you think. In fact, depends on the situation, gaining weight may not be a bad thing.
Muscle is more compact than fat. So, when you gain weight with weight training exercises, it can be due to the muscle gained. Muscle is a good fat burning engine. So, with more muscles, your metabolism rate will increase and you can burn fat faster - not to mention the nice look your body will have!

So, that is the secret for fat loss , a secret that you heard about many times in the past and now it's the best time to remind you again. Eat less - exercise more. Write it down and stick it to your office desk, screen or cell phone. I know many are let down when I tell them that is the only way.

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