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Stretching Tips & Tricks


Everybody’s bodies are different and require trial and error to determine what will have it functioning at its optimal level.
With this in mind, to figure out whether you should be stretching or not is entirely up to you!

Stretch tip #1: Focus on your breathing as well!

Personally, I love stretching before, after and even during my workouts. The reason I like to stretch a little beforehand?

To activate the muscles I’m training that day and ensure I’m isolating my work into those areas. Something as simple as reaching for your toes or doing some slow body weighted squats can make all the difference on your leg day for you to really feel the burn in your booty!

It might sound a little crazy to be stretching during your workout and some argue that stretching decreases strength. But for those concerned with muscle lengthening and building, hear me out.
Imagine an exercise such as the bicep curl. You might be doing low weights and high reps to tone and define your arms or you might be doing heavy weights and low reps to stimulate some growth.
If you’re a low weight, high rep girl, I can’t stress enough how effective stretching during your sets will lengthen the muscle you’re working.

Not only that, stretching or flexing is a useful way to increase your blood flow and pump. Some people don’t realise that although they may be carrying out their exercise with the correct technique,
they better their chances of completely working the correct muscle through stretching. Stretching during your sets creates a connection between the muscle and mind that reminds your body what body part is the main focus!


Stretch tip #2: Hold a stretch for between 10-30 seconds

Back to my comment about trial and error. For myself, I find that stretching reduces the soreness and pain I usually suffer the next day, and speeds up my recovery time.
Others might see little to no difference, so I recommend testing out some stretching to see how useful it can be to you. Happy stretching ladies!

Stretch tip #3: Avoid bouncing. over stretching can cause tears in your muscle fibres

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