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Yoga - The new way to improve your running results

Untitled-16The health benefits and the energy It's what keeps us jogging in the sideways rain, blistering cold and slippery snow and, once you're hooked, can be as addictive as any chocolate ice cream.  But despite the array of health benefits, running is actually quite tough on your joints.
Yoga is a new method to improve running. All about restoring the muscles and joints, the class uses yoga postures to target and stretch areas worn down from pounding the pavement. Needless to say, a serious stretch is well overdue.

Forget runner's high, the yoga class is high at its best.  Not only you'll feel relaxed, but your tense muscles will be looser than they'd been in months. And your next run will go so well!


Poses for runners:

Pigeon pose, to work the hip flexors, open the chest and stimulate digestion:
1.       Rest on all fours with knees under hips
2.       Exhale, and move your right knee forward behind your right wrist. Extend the right heel outwards away from your hip to create enough space for both hips to rest on the floor
3.       Stretch your left leg directly backwards, pointing your toes
4.       Exhale and slide your hands forward until your head is resting on the floor, face down. You can also hold your elbows if this is more comfortable
5.       Breathe and hold this pose for 30 seconds

Tree pose to work the hamstrings and improves coordination and balance:

1.       Stand up straight with feet together and flat on the floor and arms relaxed and hanging down at your sides
2.       Bend your right knee and lift your right foot up and inwards, so the sole is resting against your inner left thigh. Move it higher until the heel is as high as it will go and pushing the thigh, with your toes pointed toward to floor
3.       Keep your supporting leg firm and straight with tailbone tucked under and keep your hips parallel to the floor. Inhale and bring your palms together at your heart
4.       Take a deep breath and lift your arms straight above your head with your palms touching each other. It may be easier to balance if you focus on a fixed spot
5.       Breathe and hold the pose for 30 seconds

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