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When to take your supplements

Man-taking-pillWhey Protein (20gr)  is the fastest digesting protein with its amino acids quickly reaching muscles.

Some recommend a 200mg caffeine pill too instead of a cup of morning coffee to increase fat burning without raising cortisol levels. 30-60 minutes later, the most important step – eat a wholesome breakfast. Then wash down a multivitamin with a cup of Green Tea which contains natural polyphenols. These increase fat burning and aid joint and muscle recovery too although green tea extract is said to be more easily absorbed. Fish oil is another possible breakfast as well as lunch and evening meal time supplement.Another good time for supplements is an hour or so before training.

A whey shake containing 20gr whey plus 5gr BCAAs, 2-5gr Creatine and 2-3gr Beta-alamine will provide the amino acids to fuel your workouts, boost energy and muscle growth. The same mix is recommended immediately post workout.


A lot of micronutrients are lost through training so some additional vitamins – C and D of 1000mg plus 500-600mg calcium – is recommended with dinner.  Micellar Casein – the slowest digesting protein – 30 minutes before bed. This should provide your body with a slow stream of amino acids through the night.

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