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Fast Weight Loss Training


People constantly thinking that weight loss is linked to many hours of gym and sweat… Well, let's say that this is just a myth.
You dont need to go for an hour 4 times a week to get results. All you need is a regular ’Fastie’ and you will feel the difference. 

Did you know, that 30 minutes of quality exercise done the right way on a regular basis, can burn fat and help you get on your way to feeling and looking better?

The hardest part is knowing what to do. So all you need to do is follow the numbers and away you go.

A Fastie workout that has both a cardiovascular and a resistance training component make the difference. With 2 lots of 8 minute cardio stations, one being the recumbent bike and the other being the elliptical cross trainer, you will get your heart rate going ready for your 8 lots of resistance stations.


Using the green light system, spend one minute on each and move through until you have reached the end. To finish you will have 6 minutes left to get that tummy working and finish with a good stretch of your hard worked muscles.

So for those who are new to exercise or those that want it all in one and have limited time, then a "Fastie" will give you everything you need.

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Look Healthy - Feel Healthy!

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