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Look Healthy - Feel Healthy!

lookandfeelhealthy1The squat is the most simple but most technical move at the same time. Adults seem to have trouble most of the time as their lifestyle or job has caused some kind of muscular imbalance forcing them to move in a different way. From the picture below you can see the lady squatting with her shoulders rounding and the torso has fallen forward.

A good way I check to see if it’s a case of bad ankle mobility is to get her to stand on blocks elevating her heels. If the body still falls forward we generally assume that it’s higher up leg possibly her hip flexors and not her ankle mobility. If she didn’t lean forward, and it feels pretty comfortable we can assume that her ankle mobility is the issue which forces the rest of her kinetic chain to move in a different way.

Do Push ups 

This is one of the most beneficial exercises a super hero could do.

Most people make the mistake of overlooking the push up as the fancy shiny gym equipment steals their attention. A common mistake to look out for when performing a push up, is the position of the pelvis. Ideally you want your spine to stay in a neutral position, the glutes have to contract and hold for a posterior tilt. Your abdominals should brace at this point to stabilize the position.
Start with push ups on the knees before progressing towards a full one.

Run, Faster and faster

lookandfeelhealthy2Holy smokes batman, sprinting is hard! For any wannabe superheroes out there sprints have to be done, they’re a good way of utilizing whatever fast twitch muscle fibres you have, the lactic acid you feel produces a hormone response from your body to burn fat by elevating your metabolism. You also feel like the flash! And he’s ripped!

Eat the right way

I know what you’re thinking, Donatella, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo all ate pizza, so why can’t I? Well if you were a “giant mutant” green turtle then maybe I’ll allow it. But unfortunately for the rest of us, we have to eat real food. Good nutrition is vital for not only having a lean body, but good performance to match. Nutrition is individual, you can tell by the way some people can eat certain foods and gain no weight, but then some can eat the same foods and then bloat up.

Mental well being is just as significant, the reaction from certain foods can cause an allergic reaction that affects mental clarity. For the gluten intolerant a dose of it can cause headaches, brain fog/drowsiness or bloating and a host of other issues. Finding “your own” nutrition plan is therefore essential. Follow this for a guideline on nutrition.

Take part in an activity you enjoy

lookandfeelhealthy3Besides training all day to become a superhero, it’s important to remember to find time for yourself and do something you enjoy doing.

De-stressing is an important part of a superheroes day, find something you like to do. Superman was happiest playing American football or chilling out in his barn. Spiderman liked photography which eventually landed him a role for a major newspaper, you get the idea.

Your body’s response to deal with stress is to produce cortisol, the stress hormone. Although it sounds ominous, we need this hormone because it saves us in times of danger, imagine walking in the middle of the road, suddenly you see the joker speeding at you in a car, your cortisol levels spike and sends a message to your brain to pump out adrenaline so that you can sprint out of way.
Short bursts of stress are fine, however when the stress response is prolonged over time is can cause illness as well as physical and mental exhaustion.

There are various types of stress on the body:

Physical stress such as exercise in small doses are fine but overdoing it can lead to poor performance, immune system suppression and increased incidence of injury.

Chemical stress – We’re exposed to chemicals on a daily basis, over time your body has difficulty in neutralizing these toxins and repeating this exposure is said to lead to illness or disease. Examples include aerosols, Bisphenol-A in plastics or even pesticides on our foods.

Nutritional Stress – Eating food that causes an allergic reaction can be called a stress. Some people have more serious issues, such as joint pain or skin conditions that can be reduced or cured by avoiding certain foods. It’s best to find a nutritionist that deals with those types of issues.

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