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Something new, something old: Get some rest

rest2Workout - Recuperate

Getting sufficient rest and recuperation is as important as any workout. Overtraining won’t make you any stronger or aid your performance, so learn to keep a proper balance between the two by watching for the following markers.

A loss of body mass/weight of just 2% indicates a lack of sufficient hydration which affects both physical and mental performance. Another indicator of dehydration is the colour of your urine. Dark yellow means you need to drink more water. Drinking more fluids both before and after a workout is recommended.

It’s a good idea to check your resting heart rate each morning to see what’s normal for you. An elevated resting heart rate is a sign of stress and your heart trying to move more oxygen to muscles and the brain. Physical and psychological stress registers the same. Both require extra recovery.

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Weight lifting and tendon injuries

tendon1Tendon trouble and injuries is common amongst those who push their physical limits especially weight lifters. Shoulders are one of the more vulnerable areas of the body; however, anyone involved in strenuous exercise, workouts and sports is liable to strain or damage their tendons. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, advil and aspirin is only a short- term solution and if used extensively can lead to other health problems particularly of the digestive system.

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How to change your health.

How to change your health.

Sometimes the hardest part of making a positive shift is knowing where to start. It can be overwhelming when there are a number of changes to make or even when there is one big one. If you want to adopt healthy habits that will last, then the easiest way to do it is by making small, gradual changes.

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The Good & The Bad Caffeine


I remember when I was in school and after every break my primary school teacher would bring back a coffee into the classroom she’d sit there drinking it like it was the best thing ever. She used to read a story to us and because we all sat fairly close to her, her breathe stunk of coffee! However the cup of coffee she was drinking from smelled amazing!

There was one memory of my mum (not a coffee drinker) making a coffee to try it out and I wanted to taste it because it smelled so good, but when I did it tasted like I was eating the skin of an orange without actually tasting any orange. At 5-6 years old the bitter taste was just too much. It wasn’t until 2013 that I tried coffee again, I was a grown man, I got to stay up past my bed time and I didn’t need to hold hands with anyone to cross the road. 

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The Importance of Activity


Take a well-deserved rest day. After all, a day off allows your muscles to recover, rebuild, and become stronger.

But chill days aren't just for lounging on the couch. To speed your recovery and get your blood flowing to help feed your weary muscles, take yourself for a 20-minute stroll, bike ride, jog, or swim, and then show your muscles some TLC with massage and stretching.

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